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A Constant State Of Change

Artist Biography

I am a strong believer that music should be about music not the hype and the spin that surrounds it. So I will keep it short and sweet

I have been playing music most of my life It was almost like i was drawn in to it, from that start i found playing the guitar very natural but like all my heroes i wanted sing and write songs, make a statement. In the early days making the transition from guitarist to singer song writer was a struggle.

It took me a long time to find my voice over the years i have meet some amazing people and played with some fantastic bands. which made all the gigs, trials and tribulations worth while, a salute to my musical brothers. For the last couple of years i have had a strong feeling pulling me towards making an acoustic focused singer songwriter album.

So i have taken what i thought were the best songs and gone into the studio with just an acoustic guitar and my voice not knowing exactly what was going to come out. Quiet a scary thought when you are use to having a full band and support from your best friends it was like a complete blank page.

So on the immortal advice of Neil Young. I just followed the music slowly the sketch and outline of what this album was going to be started to reveal its self. It got to the point were the songs demanded more than just an acoustic guitar and a vocal. As soon as brought in piano strings and other instruments the songs started move off in multiple directions.  I wanted this album to be something I wanted to listen too. Something that was real and harked back to the old school way of recording just being in the moment.

The Tittle for the album (A Constant State Of Change) came from the idea that sometimes in life we cling on to ideas and beliefs that are no longer needed, or have become out of date. In the end these beliefs and ideas put us in a box of routine, and every now and then we need to let go of all the things we are holding onto so tightly, in order to make that next step forward . The future is yet unwritten and I want to face with and open heart and mind......

Jackson Nova

Jackson Nova




Debut Album

Out 2015